1-Developing the experiences of the Iraqi private sector under the command of the economic decision makers offering the field advice to them making the decisions more mature and closer to reality

2-Identify the causes that led to the economic brain drain and the technical manpower out of Iraq finding ways to deal with them and encouraging on the reversed migration for the Iraqi capital and skills to return and invest in Iraq strengthening the relationship between the Iraqi businessmen inside and their counterparts abroad

3-Advancing the infrastructure of Iraq through seminars and meetings to coordinate the relations between INBC and the relevant authorities

4-Strengthening the relationship with the economic organizations of the private and public sectors concerned the infrastructure on the local and foreign levels

5-Assisting the Iraqi businesswomen and businessmen to obtain the commercial and industrial agencies exclusive from the foreign companies wishing to work in Iraq through the continuing close ties and the mutual trust between the INBC and the Arab and foreign embassies inside Iraq where the INBC will recommend its members before those embassies defining their companies and their projects that are implemented and under the implementation telling them about the extent of the financial and professional abilities of the INBC ‘s members on the implementation of projects encouraging those embassies to consider rely on the recommendation of INBC approaching the companies found in their countries to grant commercial and industrial agencies to the INBC ‘s members leading to increasing the commercial and industrial dealings of Iraq

6-Approaching the government agencies to create the cofactors of building and improving the economic environment and settling the investment culture in Iraqi society in general and Iraqi businessmen and businesswomen in particular

7-The coordination between the governmental and non-governmental authorities to achieve the objectives of INBC

8-Studying and analyzing the negative effects of corruption on the functioning of the private sector projects and working on coming together and exploiting all efforts of the public and private sectors to discover the corrupt behavior at all organizational levels subjecting the perpetrators to accountability and accounting mechanisms considering this as a national obligation for all

9-Attempting to change the view of the officials of the ministries and governmental institutions towards the private sector considering it as a partner in the economic equation in Iraq spreading to accelerate the implementation of that

10-Demanding to legislating and enacting the laws in the Parliament to ensure and support the rights of traders, businessmen and businesswomen and Iraqi investor class

11-Promoting the Iraq economic level by supporting the traders , businessmen , businesswomen and investors giving them the necessary assistance in providing the proper environment and requirements to encourage them in transfer their investments inside Iraq in coordination and cooperation with the central government , local governments , the National Investment Commission and the sectional ministries and departments

12-Educating and acquainting the laws of the business and investment and the rights , duties and obligations related to this class

13-Providing employment opportunities for the youth and unemployed people without participating in financing the activities of the small business loans aiming for profit.