Development’s Goals and Meet the

On Wednesday 4/2/2015, the first International Investment Conference hosted by the economic and investment parliamentary commission began at Babylon Hotel in
Baghdad, it started at 10:00 am and was attended by deputies prime minister Mr. Rose Nouri Shawees and Mr. Bahaa Al-Araji, as well as the Ministers of Planning, Trade and Electricity, Chairman of the National Investment Commission Dr. Sami Al-Araji, a large number of Parliamentarians , Ambassadors of friendly countries (Arab and foreign),
a number of specialists and a large number of businessmen and investors, led by
members of the Iraqi National Business Council in a distinctive presence.
The conference started with Mr. Rose Nouri Shawees>s speech which he addressed the investment>s obstacles in Iraq as well as a speech by Mr. Bahaa Al-Araji, who stated that this conference indicates the success of the joint work of the legislative and executive authority followed by a speech by Mr. Jawad Al-Bolani, chairman of the economic and investment commission in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, where he said we came to hear from the private sector businessmen, we hope that they  communicate to us both their concerns and successes, and that we hear from university professors and researchers their valuable opinions in pushing forward the investment process.
The interventions and opinions of the members of the Iraqi National Business Council were
constructive, where each of the following gave a speech:
1. Mr. Dawood Abed Zayer
2. Mr. Abbas Shemarah
3. Mr. Fadhil Al-Dabas
4. Mr. Namir Al-Iqabi
5. Mr. Saadi Waheeb
6. Mr. Ali Shemarah
7. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi
8. Mr. Wadee Al-Handhal
9. Mr. Khalid Al-Ubaidi
10. Mr. Aqeel Miften
And the first session concluded at exactly 12 pm provided that it shall reconvened after lunch
And the Iraqi National Business Council was represented by:
1. Mr. Karim Al-Shemary / Chairman of the Council
2. Mr. Ali Miften / Deputy Chairman
3. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi / Board
4. Mr. Khalid Al-Ubaidi / Board Member
5. Mr. Qais Al-Khafaji / Board Member
Then Dr. Ridha Al-Shahrastani, a member of the Iraqi National Business Council, delivered
a research on funding
And the first session was moderated by Mr. Al-Bolani, where he gave space to speak at (5) minutes for investors, academics and the
ambassadors of Turkey and Germany.
Followed by Dr. Sami Al-Araji in a speech where he summarized the projects achieved
throughout the period from 2008 up to date.
7. Mr. Wathiq Hindo / Board Member
8. Mr. Mehdi Al-Shemary/ Board Member/ Reserve
9. Mr. Alaa Al Etabbi / Board Member/
10. Mr. Sarteeb Nadhum Agha / Member
11. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Lami / Member
12. Mr. Mohammed Shaker / Member
13. Mr. Fadhil Al-Dabas
14. Mr. Ali Shamarah
15. Mr. Namir Al-Iqabi
16. Mr. Ridha Al Shahristani
17. Mr. Saadi Wahayeb Sayhood / Member
18. Mr. Hatem Al-Khawam / Member
19. Mr. Mohammad Al Khawam / Member
20. Mr. Dhiya Al-Shakarchi / Member
21. Mr. Oday Al-Moemen / member
22. Mr. Mohammed Jawad Al-Juboori/ Member
23. Mr. Wadee Al-Handhal
24. Mr. Ahmed Al-Kinani
25. Mr. Aqeel Miften
26. Mr. Karim Al-Yasseri / Member
27. Mr. Khalil Al-Buniya / Member
28. Mr. Mu’taz Waleed / Member
29. Mr. Turki Al Qaisi / Member
30. Mr. Ahmed Ismail Saleh/ Member
31. Mr. Saad Naji/ Member
32. Mr. Mohammed Al A’ssam
33. Mr. Majeed Al-Soudani / Executive
34. Mr. Bassim Mohammed Abdulrah man / Finance Director
The first International Investment conference / second day / morning session
At 10:30 on Thursday morning 02/05/2015, the sessions of the first International Investment conference organized by the economic and investment parliamentary commission in the presence of a large number of businessmen and guests and the Conference Chairman, Mr. Jawad Al-Bolani, signaled out that, after the evening sessions yesterday completed its recommendations, the morning session will focus on the experiences of investment authorities in the governorates and he asked each speaker to mentions the determines investment licenses that have been granted and the completed thereof as well as the opportunities afforded to invest at the present time.
Babylon Investment Authority began speaking by demonstrating the existence of a significant investment opportunity in Al-Mihanawiya Island, which is 7 km from the ancient city; it is the establishment of a tourist resort that stretches 650 acres. followed for Baghdad Governorate, a representative of Dar Al Sabah Company which is a members company in the Iraqi national business Council, he spoke spoke about Baghdad Mall project in Al Harthiyah as well as Rotana Hotel – Karbala and the residential complex in Al Zaafaraniya for the construction of 1650 housing units, and the representative of Al Diwaniya Investment Authority as well as the representative of Al Muthana Investment Authority have also spoke, he showed the establishment of four cement plants with an annual capacity of 12 million tons.
(( In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful))
((And say, “Do, for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers))
The truth of Allah Almighty
Out of the importance of supporting the economic, political and social developments, the economic and investment parliamentary commission in collaboration with the National Investment Commission held its first International Conference over two days at the Babylon Hotel for the period from 4 to 5 February 2015 under the auspices of the Iraqi Parliament Speaker and under the slogan (A Sober Investment Law Achieving Development’s Goals and Meet the Investor’s Aspiration).
The conference witnessed over two days a significant activity represented by the participation of a large number of Iraqi and foreign investors and businessmen, governmental institutions and ambassadors of brotherly and friendly countries that have put forward all aspects of the suffering in a clear and explicit manner and in true openness, where their interventions and reports addressed all what the investment fact need to advance it towards the creation of an appealing investment environment that provides the appropriate conditions to take advantage of the available investment opportunities.
The conference concluded:
1. The adoption of the recommendations and proposals that have been submitted by the participants as working paper (agenda) and commissioning the legislative and executive authorities to follow up its implementation and to overcome the difficulties and obstacles facing investment.
2. The formation of a higher commission from the conference that includes in its membership representatives for:
-Specialized parliamentary committees in the Parliament.
-The relevant executive authorities
-Private sector
This commission shall work as a cell crisis to follow up all recommendations and suggestions arises out of the conference and to follow up the implementation of laws and instructions in force and to oblige the relevant authorities thereof and work to overcome the obstacles facing the implementation of the Investment Law. And the commission holds monthly meetings with the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers for the private sector affairs to evaluate the performance of the conduct of investment and economy process.
3. Work to hold a biannual conference to follow up the needs of the investment and economic fact.
4. Finally, the Iraqi Council of Representatives extend its thanks and appreciation to all those who have contributed to the success of the Conference.
The economic and investment parliamentary commission 5/2/2015