Definition of the Council

INBC is an independent, non-governmental and non-political Iraqi organization neutral in dealing, it includes an elite of businesswomen and businessmen and investors from inside and outside Iraq without discrimination on basis of nationality, religion or creed. It deals with the development of the Iraqi economy and infrastructure. It is a civil society organization with human nature. It is non-profit nor commercial but aims to support and care for the class of businesswomen and businessmen in Iraq undertaking to abide by the Iraqi constitution and participating in the formulation of proposals to amend the laws which it feels they are necessary in order to support this class that do not contradict with the Iraqi Constitution. The Organization is independent and enjoys legal entity and financial and administrative independence. INBC has the right to own, sale and rent the property as well as to accept the grants from the ministries, government institutions, foreign and local non-governmental organizations, the well off persons and those who are heads in the government. Provided that it does not affect the rules of procedure of INBC and its independence. In order to achieve its goals, it is entitled to open branches in all Iraqi cities and provinces. INBC works according to the principle of voluntary community work to serve the comprehensive development and investment in Iraq establishing the values and principles of economic cooperation between Iraq and all countries in the world and supporting the ongoing economic transition in Iraq toward to a market-oriented economy.